Wednesday Widget

Yesterday I attended a CDBG Home Conference in Seattle, which is why I didn’t get a chance to blog.  The grantee from the city attended with me.  We drove and drove and drove…traffic was atrocious.  It didn’t matter which way we tried.  We ramped up to the 5th floor of a parking garage.  We marched to the building and started peeling off our personal items for the security checkpoint.

“You’re looking for 909?  It’s across the street.”


The room itself was at the end of a long, rabbit-tunnel like white hallway.  No markings.  Just an open door with people sitting at tables, listening to someone talk about a PowerPoint presentation.  Finally!

We learned all about getting a grant, bidding out a project, all the way up to managing payroll.   I also learned a new word from the presenter.

“You’re gonna want to get that figured out in the beginning of the project.  You don’t want major blunderage.”

I swear I saw George Washington (depicted on the flag in the room) roll his eyes.

Huzzah!  Good clean fun for everyone. Glad I had my iced coffee.  My cohort in crime and I did learn a few things.  It was worth going.

Seattle was beautiful yesterday.  The sun shone.  A light breeze blew.  The people smiled and laughed.  Some crazy folks ran downtown Seattle’s evil, evil hills. Amen.


Moving on…If you can guess what this is (above) – only two people know, and they’re excluded – I will give you a sticker.  A sticker of my choosing.

You want a hint?  Okay, okay.  It’s not a vegetable or a mineral.

Does anyone care if Rachel Bilson’s neck tattoos are real?  Anyone?  Me neither.  And who is she, anyway?

Sorry about the disjointed thoughts today.  Call it a CDBG hangover.

What would George Washington say?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Widget”

  1. Something about the way you said ‘a sticker of my choosing’ makes me wonder whether I want to guess … 😉 I still have no idea what the answer to the question is. And I have no idea who Rachel What’s-her-name is either. Pretty sure George Washington would say something profound. But I’m not having a profound day, so I don’t think it’d be wise to elaborate. 🙂


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