Creation and Collaboration

First of all, nobody guessed Ruby’s hodgepodge fabric creation from yesterday. No matter.  More stickers for me!

Does this ring a bell?


Still no idea?  Here ya go.

Yay!  Thanks for playing.

And now, for your reading pleasure, a short story Ruby and I concocted this morning. She got the idea and we ran with it. Illustrations by Ruby.  Enjoy!


The Little Robot

Once upon a time, there was a little robot that fell from the sky.  And he fell into the window of a big, huge factory – The Pencil Factory!

The robot sat up and spoke.

“Hi, everyone!”

The people stared at him because he wa snot like them.  He looked like 2 boxes stuck together, a small one for his head and a big one for his body.  His arms were sticks with Legos for hands. His feet resembled duck feet.

The workers, at first, were afraid of him.  They didn’t run away or hide, though; they had pencils to make.  But they didn’t speak to him, either.

IMG_20130718_082029_173The robot grabbed at a pencil while he fell from the sky.  His mom dropped it and the robot at the same time.  She was writing a note and lost her grip.  Now the robot family consisted of a baby, and the robot’s brother and sister.

The robot walked over to the workers.

“Did you drop this pencil?” he asked, holding out the one he had.

The workers inspected it.  They shook their heads.

“It’s not one of ours,” they said.

Just then, the animals in the factory rushed the robot.  Dogs and cats came from all directions and jumped him.  They licked him everywhere.  They liked him!  The robot laughed as he fell over.

The robot soon found a new way to make pencils.  He became the most valuable worker of all.

IMG_20130718_082115_756The next day, the robot made a big mess.  He splattered wax this way and that.  He was so excited for his birthday party slated for the day after.  He would be 2 years old!

The workers rushed out.

“Stop, stop!” they cried.

They cleaned up the mess and decided to send the robot home.  They couldn’t have workers making those kinds of messes.

“But my mom is dead and so is my dad!” the robot wailed.

“Can I…can I stay with you?  My family – my sister, brother and baby robot live next door in the peanut factory.  I can’t live on my own.”

The workers exchanged glances.  Peanut factory?  The only factory next door was the cheese factory.”


“Just kidding!  I meant the cheese factory!” chortled the robot.

The workers laughed.  Silly robot!

“You can be in our family,” the boss said.  Everybody cheered!

The robot stepped next door and got his family.

“Here they are!” he crowed.  He introduced them to the pencil factory workers.  Because of the robot family, the pencil factory workers learned to make robots.  They converted from a pencil factory to a robot factory.  They became the best robot factory ever.  Everyone lived happily ever after!

The end.


Thanks for reading!


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