Work As Worship

I woke up too early this morning because i was anxious.  As I type this, there’s a crick in my back.  I suppose it’s partially due to lack of sleep and knocking out the kettlebell challenge today in class.  Huzzah!

Lots to do this weekend and it feels like not enough Susan to go around.  I’m making cinnamon rolls (canned) and decorating cupcakes for a baby shower tomorrow, doing laundry, packing, and miscellaneous tasks as assigned.  Just writing it makes me tired.  I’ve done some of the shopping necessary.  Naturally, I missed a couple of items.  This is where having a personal slave would be handy.

All of these “to-dos” are good in and of themselves.  I am excited for my close friend having the baby.  She’s one of the funniest, most honest people I know.  I want her special day tomorrow to be wonderful.  And taking care of my family before we go on our trek to Minnesota for Jonathon’s commencement is important, too.

I am weary.  Nothing is wrong except for that overwhelmed feeling.  But I’m learning from my stepmom and some of the more mature ladies in the church:  it’s possible to have a good attitude and get it done.  It’s possible for the Lord to meet me in this work, this important work of both taking care of people and tying up loose ends.

I was thinking about worship today.  Stay with me.  The primary goal is to reach God, to bless Him and to catch a glimpse of His heart or hear a whisper of a word.  Right?  We crave connection all the time.  It’s the deepest cry of our heart.  It’s not about the music or the singing – though I tend to be a music snob.  Please, no saws in the band!  It’s all about how to get our hearts in the right place to hear from Him.

But what if all our work is worship, not only what we do on Wednesday night or Sunday morning to musical accompaniment?  What if, as we go, we ask Jesus to breathe on our endeavors?  Won’t he give us the strength to go on and to do well?  Doesn’t that make the work holy, too?  So even if my cinnamon rolls come out a little deformed (stupid packaging!) or I forget something I should have done before we fly away for a week, God will cover it.  We can keep the connection through it all.

I realize this is not a new concept.  Others have written about it in greater detail and more coherently than I have.  But I’m holding onto this thought today as I pop another batch of round cinnamon-y disks of goodness in the oven and wait for them to brown.  They smell like a little bit of heaven.


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