Good Things

The other day I bought ice cream shakers for Zac and Ruby.

Don’t judge.

I promised Ruby at the beginning of the summer, when they first appeared, that I would buy them.  But budgets beign what they aren’t and time and everything, the opportunity didn’t present itself.  Until Thursday.

“Mom, can we get some?” Ruby pleaded, all hope in her big brown eyes.

I know a little bit about parenting by this time.  If I didn’t get them now, i would never hear the end of it.  Besides, I promised and I needed to keep my word.  Ruby picked out one for herself and one for Zac.


You know you’ve seen these on infomercials.  And you know my love of infomercials, too.  “Shake it for 3 minutes, and presto, you’ve got ice cream!  You can eat it right out of the top!  Shake it and make it yourself!”  Who could resist?

We got out the ingredients last night.  Heavy whipping cream, chocolate syrup, sugar, salt, ice cubes, water.  Zac followed each part of the instructions perfectly.  Ruby…skipped a few steps.  We forgot water and sugar.  Man!  We added them and kept plugging, or shaking.

We set the microwave timer and they kids shook for all they were worth.  Ding.  Time’s up!  They had a slushy frosty mixture.  Ruby scarfed hers with the goofy plastic spoon included with the kit, despite its’ milkshake consistency.  Zac, the purist, tossed his in the freezer to get hard.  In fact, he’s eating it right now.

Because of the great age difference, there are very few activities both of my kids enjoy.  Zac loves science and this provided a chance to eat a scientific experiment.  Ruby likes to cook; it’s all good for her.

What if I’d put Ruby off another week?  Sure, they probably won’t use these unitaskers much in the coming months.  But I longed to do something good for them.  Two things came together here:  Zac loves it when I buy him things, and Ruby loves to create things.  They appreciated my thought about them and getting to make something tasty in the bargain.  Listening to them giggle and joke made my heart happy.

How much more does God long to do good to us?  Many of my acquaintances and friends think, “Oh, God could never accept me.  I’ve done so many bad things.  I’ve slept around.  I’ve stolen things.  I’ve cheated.  Lightning will strike me if I enter God’s house.”


I think of God looking over the earth, watching us.  He plans good things for us, from one of our lives to the other.  Do we see them?  Do we see the beautiful new day dawning and the exciting possibilities opening up?  Do we recall the good night’s sleep we got or the person in the checkout line at Safeway who made us laugh?  His heart is toward us!  It just hit me again yesterday, as my kids made ice cream in our kitchen. God is wooing us all the time. Our wrong thinking, attitudes and actions cause the separation, not His wrath. His goodness is as refreshing as an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.   “Let us experience the glory of Your goodness…”, every day.  He waits for us.



One thought on “Good Things

  1. nalanijones says:

    You sound like my mama. 🙂 Love the insight! God has been giving me a deeper, more solid sense of His love for me over the last week. I find myself praying I will be increasingly and continuously awed by His faithfulness to and delight in doing good to me.


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