Jonathon and I have put hundreds of miles on our rental car – a white Kia Soul – as we drive from Wisconsin to Minnesota.  Just FYI:  we are not hamsters.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Wisconsin has the best clouds ever, hands down. I saw a manatee, turtle, whale, airplane, barge and a one-legged duck in mid-paddle.

Snowmobile crossing signs.  For real.

Deep-fried cheese curds.  Word.

Wascott, WI.  Town slogan? “Wascott, A Way of Life.”  Ugh.

Limnology is the study of inland bodies of water – lakes, ponds, streams, etc.  University of Wisconsin has an entire department for it.

Chipmunk Grill.  Seriously?!

Gastroenteritis is the flu; esophagitis is not.

Adult superstores abound in Wisconsin, or at least their advertising does.

Lake Superior truly IS.  I’ve seen a lot of ocean in my life, and this enormous body of fresh water took my breath away.  I remember the Gordon Lightfoot song about the Edmund (Edward?) Fitzgerald going down.  I get it now.  The lighthouses – and there are several – are vital.  The lake’s bright blue water extended until it blurred into the horizon.  As we drove over the bridge to Minnesota, we saw huge cargo ships and grain silos resembling factories.

GPS rocks.  Except for how the robotic female voice says “mini apples” for Minneapolis.  Hee!

Next to the adult superstores, the anti-abortion posters were second most popular.  “A baby has a heartbeat 18 days from conception.” The baby pictures melted my heart.

The Mall of America is just like any other mall, only with a water park, carnival rides, an aquarium and a comedy show.  Ho hum.

For the love of Pete, somebody stop the hitchhiking zebra mussels!

Jonathon and I have visited 15 states as well as Washington, D.C. during our marriage.  Each of us have been to a few more on our own.  We are so blessed to be able to explore and travel and share adventures along the way.

Made entirely of Legos.
Made entirely of Legos.

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