So…I wrote this up yesterday and tweaked it on the plane…and then, well, jet lag.


The hats are the bomb!
The hats are the bomb!

Jonathon graduates today. We feel a mixture of pride, excitement, anticipation, joy…It is a marvelous accomplishment. There is a sense of God’s favor in the air.

I read in I Chronicles today. Generally,  the book is incredibly dull. So and so had this son, who had this son. It is all very matter-of-fact. This is a chronicle after all, not really a narrative.

Today’s selection started in chapter 24, which listed the of duties assigned to certain priests by casting lots. Next chapter lined out the musicians for the temple using lutes, harps and cymbals. Next, the gatekeepers.

1 Chronicles  26:14:  The responsibility for the east gate went to Meshelemiah and his group.  The north gate was assigned to his son Zechariah, a man of unusual wisdom. In one family , two gates. And now in the Isham clan, we have two doctors, one in philosophy and religion and one in education. Both are men of unusual wisdom.

What do gatekeepers do?

They acted as security as well as making sure worshipers were ready to serve and worship God. Worshiping the Lord is a privilege.  Perhaps they filtered out those who were unclean.  A quote I found from someone named Selman:  “Essentially their duty was to make ordinary people aware of the practical  limits of holiness, for anyone entering the sanctuary unlawfully did so on penalty of death.”
Big responsibility.

All tasks, big or small, sacred or secular, have value in God’s eyes. Gatekeepers weren’t Levites or musicians creating glorious praise. They were the nitty gritty guys making it real.  Their positions held no glamour, only faithful service and consistency.  There is a certain amount of teaching and rebuking within this position, as well as muscle.

Both Jonathon and my father-in-law have been teachers by profession and continue to be by vocation. They break down truth into palatable morsels for others to digest. They are gatekeepers in their chosen professions, showing others the building blocks of their areas of expertise. They continue to read up on their areas and stay current.  They care enough to share what they know with the rest of us, so we stay practical in our understanding.

The “unusual wisdom” caught my attention.  Both Isham men have it. They exercise it on a daily basis.  I admit, sometimes I balk when they dispense wisdom. I can be stubborn. But if I take a moment to consider, I become wiser for heeding it.
Today, I reached 500 blog posts. It is a graduation of sorts for me, too. I now have over 130 followers and a number of faithful readers on Facebook. Thank you for reading and commenting, mi amigos! You spur me onward.  Here’s to 500 more!

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