A Quart Low

Right this moment, I feel lousy. Could be the Doritos I ate last night, barking at me. The last time my Dorito consumption caused problems, I was very pregnant with Zac. I combined them with gingersnaps, apparently a definite no no.

Doritos, my love

Nacho cheese, nemesis paste

You bring me such joy.

But not any longer. I haven’t felt this rotten in awhile. I had no gas in the tank for even a short run. I was okay until after breakfast. Coffee’s caffeine kick never hit its target. I managed to fold 4 clean loads of laundry and match up socks. I even spoke to the insurance company about the repair needed for Pepper-car. The estimate we got is valid and they will pay it, minus a $100 deductible.

“But we are going to seek reimbursement from Andromeda,” the insurance agent assured me.

I winced. Not how we wanted things to go down.  I hope she will understand.

On top of that, other important areas might be changing.


Sianora, vacation!  Real life is back with a vengeance. I continue to be queasy. I even skipped my weekly construction meeting at the job site to watch mind-numbing television. Now a graded jobsite is a great place to toss your cookies.  Pick a hole, any hole.

Of course, my physical symptoms could be based on the fact that the guy who sat next to me on the flight from Minneapolis – a charter boat captain – coughed and sneezed his way throughout the 3-hour flight. He also shivered regularly. No escape. I did pray (silently) to not get sick. I’m no germaphobe, but it couldn’t hurt, right? At least I didn’t break out the wipes.

I can’t let anxiety or worry make me feel worse. I don’t like to slow down and rest, even when I’m feeling ill.  But it’s time for some recharging. So in summation, I am back to leaning on God with a vengeance. There’s no better place to be.


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