Chipmunk’s Big Adventure

Much less cute at this point.
Much less cute at this point.

So, some of you know that very recently we house a chipmunk. It skittered across the kitchen floor late yesterday afternoon. Seeing it pass by out of the corner of my eye from the family room couch, I initially thought it was a rat.

I screamed like a little girl. Now you know.  Especially after I saw the tail flick and triangular face.  It wasn’t until Chloe caught it and paraded it around the living room that I realized my error.  Thank God!  I was shaking.  I am so glad Ruby is away at camp this week.  Otherwise, we might have added a new pet.

Each of the cats participated in the “catch and release”  as well as the “toss ‘n tap” program yesterday, which is why our striped friend found himself dividing his time between two different dressers, the piano and a heavy black leather sleeper sofa instead of  simply mort. The cats staged a long stake out at the couch position, black shadows of doom.  The chipmunk chirped at Rex.  Rex meowed back.  No deal.

Now, friends, the rodent is behind the stove. This is what comes from trying to “help” the cats get at the chipmunk by moving furniture. Rex went outside last night and Chloe stood vigil by resting her weary, fuzzy body on the linoleum in front of said stove. We closed the pocket doors when we went to bed, praying Chloe, patient harbinger of death, would do the deed while we slept.

No such luck. This morning after her crunchy breakfast, Chloe exited. Rex replaced Chloe at her post. I found a small dead mole by the back door, a reminder that there are 2 predators in the house and Rex didn’t want to be upstaged by a girl.   At one point this morning, Rex leapt onto the kitchen counter. We don’t allow cats up there. As I moved to shoo him, I  heard a crackling noise coming from the stove. The chipmunk was behind it!  His little pointy face peeked at us from behind the grate at the back of the stove.  Seriously?!  Cheeky beggar!

Ahem. We aren’t big fans of rodents in the house.  This one certainly didn’t come inside of his own volition.  One of our felines brought it in God knows when. He’s been lying in wait and planning his escape for some time.  We hope.

I looked online for some answers. I am past the “it’s so cute, don’t hurt it!” humane society business.  Sorry, PETA peeps.  I want it gone or I want it dead.  I tossed a small pile of sunflower seeds on the floor in front of the stove.  I propped open the front door. Smell the fresh air of freedom!  This mammal doesn’t seem particularly bright but since both cats are outdoors at the moment, I hope for a good resolution.  Exit, stage left!

Update:  Zac discovered the chipmunk’s lifeless body at 11:14 this morning.  Rex, your family thanks you for your service.  Huzzah!


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