Run away!

Run away!

This whole week has been a series of nasty surprises. Last week felt so halcyon. I have to believe there’s a pony lurking somewhere in all this manure.

I got ambushed twice today.  Not physically or anything.

The first has to do with my part-time job.  Thinking I was doing some project work, I got railroaded into a non-benign meeting.  I hate knowing stuff is going on and being powerless to affect change.  That’s a whole ball of wax – or blog – right there.  Sigh.

The other instance is much closer to me.

I have for awhile been using Oil of Olay products.  I am not super vain, but would like to not look 90 when I’m in my prime, aka middle age.  I don’t spend much time in the sun, I don’t smoke or drink, so those things help.  Add to that the fact that I live in a pasty white state where the sun don’t shine much anyway.  I avoid fake tanning.  Or I thought I did.

This afternoon, I had my debit card in hand, planning to step out the door to pick up some frozen pizzas for my guys tonight.  Yes, they like them.  I happened to glance in the mirror and I gasped.  My neck was…orange?!  When did this happen?!  And why in the world didn’t someone tell me?  By this time, I’d attended kettlebells class, gone to log some hours for my job and seen umpteen people.

I examined my neck closely.  It looked like a fake tan – or jaundice – localized to just under my chin and down my neck.  Some evil toddler clumsily painted a rust-colored scarf on my skin while I slept.  Gah!

Then it hit me.  The cream I was using as night cream said something nebulous like “touch of sun”.  I remember thinking, *I* could use touch of sun.  I am pale!  I have no plans to tan my face but the rest of my body usually gets a bit toastier in the summer, so why not keep things even?  Besides, can’t day cream be used as night cream?  Who will know the difference?  Is there a night cream SWAT team to stop me in my tracks?  “Put the bottle down, Susan.  Step away from the anti-aging concoction.  It’s not what you think. Besides, you lack the ‘follow the correct application’ gene.”


Maybe this is why the product was on sale.


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