Free Miley

Warning:  This post contains graphic content. 

I didn’t watch the VMAs.  Let’s start with that.  But a little gal named Miley Cyrus, formerly Hannah Montana, stirred up a lot of controversy with her performance.

I must confess I’ve only seen the stills.  I have no desire to watch the video of that performance.  But you can!

What disturbs me even more than seeing life-size teddybears is the reaction.  Miley incurred everything from open-mouthed surprise to outright disgust.  And believe me, just looking at the photos, I get it.

Where is the innocent little girl who followed in Billy Ray Cyrus’ footsteps?  Where did that Disney Channel darling disappear to?

Does anyone remember being a young person?  Miley is trying to figure out who she is.  She’s sowing wild oats.  She’s exploring her sexuality.  She’s testing the waters and pushing boundaries.  Now, I do not condone this behavior.  But I remember doing dumb stuff at this age.  Granted, I come from a more conservative background and I was not a TV and teenybopper music idol.  I could perform my ridiculous antics in relative anonymity.

Miley can’t.

I’ve seen several Facebook posts wondering what is going on and  they are frankly, very angry and spiteful.  Parents whose children followed her from the small screen to the big screen to the radio are disgusted.  I completely understand.

My question is:  Can we give her a little space?  Please?  I agree that her act made no sense.  She looked more creepy than sexy. I mean, I’ve done some acting.  You need to inhabit the part and make it believable.  She couldn’t even do that. The bears were better actors.

We need to have wisdom here.  If you don’t want your kids emulating Miley, turn off the TV.  Change the radio station.  Talk about why and what is going on, as best you can.  Too often we hold childhood stars to a higher standard, thinking they’re our kids heroes.  We sit back and let them take over as the chief influencers of our kids.  We simply can’t do that.  People are wild cards.  Justin Bieber.  Christina Aguilera.  Britney Spears.  Justin Timberlake.  Madonna.  The Beatles.  Elvis.  I could go back further, but you get my point.  Our culture expresses incredible disappointment in the behavior of our stars, from entertainment to sports, yet pays them exorbitant amounts of money.  At best, it’s a mixed message to them and our children. And controversy creates curiosity, which translates to more sales.

We shouldn’t put celebrities on a pedestal.  They have feet of clay and will let us down. I think, given time, Miley will figure it out if she has any intelligence at all. Let’s start sifting out the good parts of people’s acts and letting go of the things that offend us and drive us away.  Let’s be “wise as serpents, gentle as doves”. The talent and drive of these stars warrants admiration.  Their lifestyles?  Not so much.

2 thoughts on “Free Miley

  1. In my opinion, the performance of Miley Cyrus was both sad and irresponsible! She welcomed the influence she got as Hannah Montana but as a role model she is letting those followers down. As they say n the Spiderman comics, with great power comes great responsibility!


    • sudebaker says:

      You are right, of course. But she doesn’t understand that fully yet. I’m still holding out hope she will find her own voice, not pander to the lowest common denominator. I want to see her become all she can be.


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