Saturday Slivers

pie sliver

Some of you haven’t yet been subject privileged  enough to read my haikus.  They come to me, pretty much on the spot, usually inspired by a humorous circumstance.  For example, when the chipmunk decided to move in with us, I came up with a few.  Here are some:

Chipmunk, run away
Under the stove, to be safe
From feet, teeth and claws

Chipmunk, I love you!
Your tender flesh, fuzzy tail –
Your friend, Rex, the cat

Black-striped cheeks, bright eyes
Fuzzy, small, quick and nimble
Dizzying antics

Or a more modern take…

Alvin, the leader.
Simon, the smart one.  That leaves
Theodore, the plump.

I realized, through reading some of my back blog posts, I haven’t given our cat Chloe, whose personality greatly resembles a surfer, enough screen time.  Here, in honor of the quiet one, are some haiku just for her.

Black yeti ninja
Wild fur, loud purr, gold eyes gleam
Creep, stealthy muppet!

The windowsill holds
A dark shape-shifter, drowsy,
Warmed by the sunlight

Pointy face, small mew
Seeks a friend’s hand to stroke her
Contented side flop

My fuzzy, running-weary brain thanks you for reading.  Happy Saturday!

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