Shutting the Window

dead sunflower

Just a few minutes ago, I turned on the heat.  The heat has been off since sometime in June.  I had hoped to wait until October, but it got too cold.

Summer is over.  Dead.  Finished.  See picture above.

Fall, with all its cold, damp fogginess, is here.

I closed  the living room window this morning.  The lazy black cats liked to languish in that window, dozing and keeping an eye on the neighborhood while warm breezes swept over them.  Closed for business now.

Upstairs, we secured our bedroom window during this past weekend.  Our neighbors behind us like to get rowdy nightly anyway, but even with the fan on to drown the noise, the temps dipped dangerously low.  With the window closed, the room stayed a little warmer and quieter.  We left the bathroom window open, however.  Even that portal is shut now, as of today.

Because last night, it reached the high 30s in temperature.  It’s been raining, off and on in spurts, for days and days now.  We can’t fight the change of seasons. Take yesterday morning for instance.  I walked Ruby to school. The sun shone with all its might out of the east, promising a glorious day.  As I walked back, I quickened my step.  Black clouds engulfed half the sky out of the west.  A few raindrops  hit my face as I got to the gravel drive leading to our house.  Once I was inside, the deluge.

Rex was not amused.  He seems to mourn summer the most.  He goes outside, self-confined to the carport.  He pouts at the wet pavement and the endlessly dripping sky.  He returns to the warm and dry indoors, meowing his confusion.  Whatever happened?  Who *did* this, anyway?

I feel his pain.  Everyone I know ,it seems, loves fall.  I like it.  Right on the heels of fall – a short, transitional season up here at best – comes winter.  We have more than our fair share of cold and wet.  We seem to breed dreary gray skies that never clear.

The summer feels like ice cream sundaes every day, checks in the mail and a hot-air balloon ride every day.

I will miss it.

Seasons don’t last forever. It’s part of the earth’s life cycle.  I know this.  Time for the trees to shed leaves and hibernate.  Time for flowers and plants to stop growing and producing and rest.  Time to embrace crisp days, boots, fleece and pumpkin-flavored everything.  So my attitude must change, as well.  I don’t want to miss anything.  Each season has its own pleasures.  I’m remembering the joys of being cosy in our snug house while the rain pours down.  Hot chocolate, anyone?

The window is down, keeping the cold autumn air out. So long, summer.  Don’t be a stranger.


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