Sweet Pickles

Anyone else remember this game?
Anyone else remember this game?

Maybe it’s just me.  But I remember playing this game when I was about Ruby’s age.  It had such a gentle, humane quality.  It didn’t resemble Trouble! or Perfection, that timed puzzle game.

perfectionI remember playing this game, rushing to beat the buzzer.  Once the buzzer sounded, all the pieces bounced out of their designated slots.  You lost if you didn’t get them into their slots in time.  It appealed to my competitive nature.

the farming gameWe got hooked on The Farming Game later in our teens.  We planted corn on Toppenish Ridge.  Little did we know these were real place names.  We had to stay on top of our crops.  Your goal was to “buy the farm”.  Seriously.

My kids have no knowledge of these games.  We managed to get our hands on an old edition of Payday

payday gameThis game helped Zac understand the cycle of getting paid and then taking care of bills.  We had a great time.

The kids have also played Parcheesi (Ruby always wins), Yahtzee, Mousetrap, Uno and various regular card games. Some of these have brought Ruby along in  her adding and subtracting skills, all while having fun.   I miss the times before electronics became so dominant.  We had a good time, my parents, siblings and I, hanging out playing games.  We talked and laughed.  We tried to avoid getting doubles three times.  All of these games taught us something about ourselves and the world around us.  What a great way to get an education and create memories.

What games did you used to like to play?  Do you and your family still play games?