Tuesday Trivia


Happy October!  Fall is in full swing.  I’m feeling trivial.  Scratch that.  I feel like I need to share some details.

Yesterday, after a short run in patchy sun and light rain, I climbed up the steps to the terraced garden and harvested 3 ripe tomatoes.  The ruddy globes barely fit into my hand. We probably won’t get much consistent sun to help the remaining little green guys turn red, but these few are a blessing. For September, Shelton received a whopping 7 inches of rain, a good 6+ more than normal.  All the excess rain drowned the petunia  blossoms.  But the greenery keeps on growing!

I lost 1 lb. in September.  Bah!

A friend of mine called me yesterday afternoon.  She said she met my Doppelganger while shopping at Trader Joe’s.

“I had to call you!  I couldn’t just text or email you,” she told me.

She went on to say this checker had my same haircut, same laugh and smile.  The similarities knocked my friend out.  She kept staring at the unsuspecting checker.  Could it be Susan?  Nah.  Why would she be so far north?  For the record, it was – and is – not me.  Miss checker’s voice was pitched higher.  My friend discovered this when she asked her if she had a relative named Susan.  Said checker does not.  She had one thing I didn’t have:  an extra 25 lbs.  That’s a comfort.  Not the 25 extra pounds, but the thought that somewhere out there, I have a twin.  Should something happen to me, somewhere, my Susan-business will keep moving forward via an alternate.

Thus far this school year, we’ve had no Lap Club sessions.  The P.E. teacher has been busy.  Plus, none of us have scuba gear.  Nobody wants to run laps underwater.  Though I’ve heard it’s a good workout.

I ran 3 miles on the treadmill this morning, two of which were at my old race pace.  I grinned nonstop for awhile.  But I stopped.  Cause otherwise people would wonder what I might get myself committed.

I did my first two site interviews for the shelter this morning, all by myself.  Look, Ma!

Finally, via monumental effort, Zac managed to dodge academic probation and get caught up in school.  He dug into past class recordings and PowerPoint sessions and found out what he needed to complete assignments.  It did my heart good to see him persevere and reach his goal.

“So, do you feel more confident in your abilities now?” I asked him after our celebration dinner last night.

“Yeah,” he admitted.

Fabulous!  May it continue.


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