Mish Mash

In the Isham household, once a week we have a leftovers night.  My dad calls them “must-gos”.  Everything must go!  Well, nearly everything.

Today, folks, is that day.  Mentally for me, I am there.  I feel kinda lousy.  The sun shines outside, suffusing the living and dining room with a warm glow.  I feel more than a little guilty hanging out inside.  But all I want to do is watch the Hallmark channel and eat chocolate.

I’m not, of course, because I still have *some* standards and Zac is home with me.

I remembered another backhanded compliment yesterday.  One time, after I led a worship song at church, a friend of mine approached me, very excited.

“Susan, you sounded like a rock star!” she said.

Wow!  You don’t hear that every day.  I was flattered.

“In fact, you reminded me of that singer from the 80s.  What was her name?”  She paused, her brow furrowed.

She perked up, remembering suddenly.  “Oh yeah, Cyndi Lauper!”

Wow.  Thanks.  On the one hand, sounding like a rock star is pretty cool.  But perhaps Ms. Lauper is not my ideal representative of that genre.  Maybe CL sounds like me now.  “Girls just wanna have fun!”

Ruby’s birthday was yesterday.  We had a roller skating party for her the day before.  Girls and boys, friends and relatives, came.  No girls from school showed up, however.  I know a lot of her good friends are Hispanic and their parents struggle with English.  I asked her about that.

“Who is your best friend now?” I asked Ruby.

“Oh, it’s Kally.  But I didn’t have enough invitations, so I couldn’t invite her.”

Um.  Okay.  I had plenty left over.  I told her I could have made up some more for her to distribute.

“Well, everyone is my best friend.”  That’s my girl!


Zac’s dream came true:  getting independent P.E. credit for playing physical video games like Fruit Ninja.  Yay!  Homeschooling has a purpose now.  Perhaps I can get him to do a roller skating party for his birthday next month.  P.E. hours AND birthday doings?!  Oh yeah!

One thing I enjoy about living in Shelton is there isn’t a lot of posturing.  Small town people are more real.  Of course, the flip side is that more people show up to grocery shop dressed in pajama pants.  But that’s the flip side.  People here are doers.  They aren’t as interested in wearing the right black shoes or skinny jeans.  Outward appearance doesn’t rank as high.  Up here, where it rains so very much, clothes are important.  Warm clothes especially.  Clothes serve the people, not vice versa.  I like that.

That’s what I want to leave you with.  Friends, and fleece, are blessings.  I am thankful for both.  Now I need to lie down.


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