Falling in Love

fall leaves

Every time I go outside lately, be it sunny or cloudy, I am overcome by the beauty of fall.  I had to write something!

The sun is a burning white eye behind the overcast lid of sky
Unable to survey what unfolds below
Trees, perched curbside, startling in their golden feathers
A small flock shot through with red, bleeding as they shed
Still others molt in multicolored glory
Careless of impending nakedness.
Lone gull winging westward
Gray soaring against gray
Slipping to the silvery sea.
Forest green bluffs remain unchanged, guardians of the town
Their stalwart emerald gaze missing nothing

Mesmerized by the dazzling,
Swirling splendor of fall.

Thanks for letting me get that out of my system.

Feeling left out, Rex typed this for you:  ggggggggggggg.

You’re welcome.


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