Friday ‘Fess Up

dance card

Sorry I didn’t write anything yesterday.  My dance card suddenly got very full.  Sometimes, my very part-time job kicks in, requiring me to put in actual hours.  Usually it coincides with more church activities and personal commitments. I kept rescheduling and moving things around in order to accomplish it all.  I can relate to all the scratched-in bits on the picture above.

Yesterday was a perfect storm of all three.  The good news?  I got quality time with my nieces and nephews.  We watched a little TV.  I played Scrabble with the 11-year-old and trains with the two-year-old.  They all rode bikes outside, whipping up and down their side road in the 40-degree weather.  We found an enormous spider.  We snacked on apples and cheese and managed to squeeze in a little volleyball.  It’s such a privilege  to see these great kids’ passions and strengths develop.

The two-year-old:  “Susan!  Susan!  There’s…Ruby!  Ruby poopy!  Ruby is stinky!” All of this with an earnest expression and a big grin on his cherubic face. Apparently, upon further inquiry, many of us were stinky – me, his mom and dad and siblings.  Stinkiness doesn’t discriminate.

The other good news is that the walls are up on the apartments and the shelter/office building.  Yay!  Progress.  The framing is done for the first floor.  Wooden studs outline where the rooms will be, all atop a concrete slab.  I know because i was out there again today doing site interviews in the misty dawn.  Met Barry White.  Yep.  He’s had a complete makeover (I didn’t even recognize him!) and is a bang-up carpenter, too.  He wouldn’t sing for me.

We attended Ruby’s parent-teacher conference two days ago.  She’s doing well and is a joy in class, according to her teachers.  Her reading is very good.  Her assignment entitled “A Little Bit About Me” listed writing as her favorite part of school.  Yay!  Areas she needs to work on are “spelling, science and ignoring her big brother”.

I am reminded again and again how short this life is.  I want to get the most out of it.  My dance card is blessedly full.  Thanks for being a part of it.  And that’s all, folks!  Have a great weekend.


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