Running and Flying

running_with_the_seagullsPhoto courtesy of runningzen

I went running in the icy blue today.  I couldn’t help myself.  The sky here is an intoxicating shade of blue.  Contrast that with red and yellow trees and I’m in primary color heaven, a gargantuan child’s crayon box.

I’ve been battling some sort of cold plus allergies.  I’ll blame it on the fog that never seemed to lift, trapping any possible foul thing by its suffocating presence.  I felt pretty lousy over the weekend and am just now starting to feel like myself again.  I don’t get sick very often anymore.  When I do, my emotions tend to flatten out and I feel like “meh”.  Who cares?  Not a great place to be.  Life itself feels trivial.

This morning, though coughing and battling a little congestion, I figured I’d give it a whirl.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that running should be fun.  I donned a garish fleece hat and headed out.

The cold nearly took my breath away.  This was our first hard frost since early last year.  I shoved my earphones further into my ears and tugged my hat down.  The first few steps were creaky.  My legs protested.  I am definitely feeling my age lately, folks.  Yet as I trekked up the hill, I couldn’t help smiling.  Saturday’s golden leaf drifts were gone.  Most sidewalks were clear, or were being cleared by swaddled men with leafblowers.  Frost silvered the grass as the glorious sun beat down.

I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you I’ve been mostly sugar-free for two weeks now.  I had coffee with a friend of mine last month and her story of giving up sugar made me think. I couldn’t shake it. Oh, I’ve fallen down here and there.  Instead of doing it perfectly, I now think of it as a baby bird learning to fly.  They soar a little, then crash.  They might even get a little frustrated, if birds have such emotions.  They get back to the tree, regroup, and jump again.  Some birds get a running start on the ground, then lift off.  Eventually, they fly freely on their own.

When I started to feel lousy, all I wanted was a piece of cake with chocolate icing.  Luckily, I had some hanging around.  Seriously, I’m learning how my emotions are tied to eating, especially sweets. I’m learning to drink tea or eat a piece of fruit if  I’m really hungry and craving something sweet.  I think my symptoms haven’t overwhelmed me, in part,  because of avoiding sugar.  It also helps that when I’m ill i don’t worry about it anymore.  I pray, rest, dose myself accordingly and move on.

Will I keep this lifestyle forever?  I don’t know.  All I know is I have more steady energy without it.  I’ve lost a couple of pounds and that’s great.  But what I like most of all is rising above sugar’s pull. I’m starting to fly.


8 thoughts on “Running and Flying”

      1. NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO! Don’t make me…. ugh…I think that’s the only way to success though from over-doing it…cold turkey…Oh Snow…you are the wind beneath my wings…you know you’re my hero, right? Fly…… FLLLLLYYYYYYYY!


    1. Hi! The photo is from runningzen. I am still using honey sometimes, but mostly agave. I put agave in my coffee. I don’t foresee going completely “sugars”free. But anything can happen!


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