Christmas Brain

from etsy.com
from etsy.com

This picture (above) has nothing to do with my blog.  But it’s so cuuuute!

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately.  Not blogging, but topical writing.  I’ve written Christmas stuff for our church’s Christmas program.  I’ve also written some things for a friend’s church. It’s a privilege to be asked and to be able to supply what’s needed.  All are done and it feels good.

Because of the writing tasks, I’ve had Christmas on the brain for several months now.  I know, I know; it’s still October.  My brother would be so proud.  I’ve been wearing the socks for weeks.  Hey, they keep my feet warm!

Please note:  I have done nothing else Christmas-related.  I have not shopped, decorated or baked for said holy day.

It wasn’t easy.  I worried and fretted a bit about getting it all finished in time.  People have to rehearse lines.  We needed to set a rehearsal schedule for music, lights, etc.  Actors need time to memorize.  It didn’t start to come together until I stopped freaking out and started jumping in.  I realized if God gave me the task, He would help me complete it. I could rest in that assurance. I went with whatever ideas came up, no matter how ludicrous they seemed at the time.  I could always edit them out later, like the bit about Spam. Kidding! The funny thing I discovered is that each type of writing enhanced the other.  Go figure.

It stretched me to write about a topic, a given subject or theme, instead of  at random.  This blog is pretty random.  But if you read regularly, you know that.  Also, thinking about Christmas hasn’t harmed me at all.  In fact, it’s put me in the spirit much earlier than usual.  I’m thankful for that gift.

Now, where’s that figgy pudding recipe?


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