Think on These

This cold, damp morning, Rex howls and chirps at me. He doesn’t think he has enough food. He didn’t like the leftover milk from my cereal I graciously offered him. Too cinnamon-y. He simply can’t whine enough, about everything. He has several different meows, most of which have a plaintive quality. Jonathon would call it whining.

 Me: “Morning, Rex.”

 Rex: “Maaaao!”


 You can have a long conversation with him, especially if you keep your end of the dialogue short. He will answer back, like a call-and-response song.

 Truth be told, I believe Rex is a frustrated blues singer. If he’s not sleeping, he’s usually pouting. He does like to curl up in a warm lap. But pretty much all of his communication is negative. He complains constantly.

 Sometimes, when the kids are unhappy about this or that, and the rain has been too relentless, Rex gets on my last nerve. I simply can’t take one more naysayer in the house. I can encourage the kids by pointing out God’s blessings, but I can’t cheer up the cat. He is truly a feline version of Eeyore.

 I remember to be grateful. I take a deep breath, during this month where people take 30 days to be grateful, and thank God for coffee with creamer. I have been awake since 4:00, so caffeine is great! I am grateful for the friends far and near who have chosen to share their lives with me. I thank God for my kids, who keep me laughing and continually growing as a mom. I praise God for my husband. We are dreaming new dreams together. It’s exciting.

 Of course, none of these things or people are “mine”; they are on loan to me for a time. I need to notice what I’m thinking about (Phil 4:8). I pray I can continue to press through my “Rex” attitudes, even when the milk is not quite to my liking and the rain pours down.



3 thoughts on “Think on These”

  1. My cat…did you know her name is Sue? Anyway, she has been been getting on my last nerve lately as well. She is an old lady, she is 18 years old. I see the age wearing more visibly on her over the last 6 months. She’s more demanding, just stands “in the way” like a lost old person might. She cries for no reason. She makes loud noises when she eats. She’s getting skinnier and skinner, and she’s gotten stubborn. If cats can have Alzheimer’s, I think she does. This morning she completely forgot about her fear of my labs and sauntered right up to them. They were in shock. They weren’t sure what to do with this little thing, that has been but a vision of catching all these years. They sniffed her and she growled at them. I hurried them outside. Her days are numbered…It makes me sad..


  2. Good blog…especially about the husband!. For those who are seeing a weird formatting, you can copy and paste the text into MS Word or something to read the whole thing. We are working to clean the formatting, but I promise it’s worth the read.


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