Full House and Donuts

I started writing this yesterday.  Enjoy!


I win!  Photo courtesy of entertainment.howstuffworks.com
I win! Photo courtesy of entertainment.howstuffworks.com

Today, we have a couple of extra guests.  My mom is up from Portland, visiting over the long weekend.  Zac’s best friend is here, too. He stayed over last night to celebrate Zac’s birthday, which is Tuesday.

I like it.  It’s 34 degrees outside.  It’s warm inside.  Ruby made eggs this morning and I made toast.  Jonathon stayed up late with the boys to play Zac’s new Xbox game, fortified by Mountain Dews all around. Zac’s friend is funny and smart, conversing with all ages easily.  He and Zac get along like two peas in a pod.  Usually.  Not this morning.  Zac was barely awake. He managed to sip water and listen, holding on to consciousness with both hands.  The rest of us talked and laughed, Chloe the minx winding around our feet.  It’s been fun to have so many generations and points of view in the house.

Just two short days ago, the local library put out a new book.  The library here in Mason County asked for submissions to create an anthology of local writers.  Those of us in the writers group were some of the first to hear of it, as we met in one of the library’s conference rooms.  We got excited.  Six of us sent in our work.

We got published!

I’m sort of on a constant high from that.  And I still haven’t come all the way down, not completely.  At first, I felt a little guilty, since I didn’t have to shop my stories or poems around to publishers.  I didn’t “work” for it, technically.  It seemed  like getting an award for just being me –  a short, brown-haired, nearsighted girl who happens to like writing.  But between Jonathon and another friend, who each told me I could work extra hard next time if I wanted, I learned to celebrate it.

I’m finding myself celebrating more things every day. Zac turns 14 on Tuesday!  Amazing. We’ve been seeing sunshine most days this November, which is nothing short of miraculous.  The Voodoo donuts we had for breakfast didn’t tempt me. Much.

You never know what life holds, much like this.

box of donuts

In the past, having too many people at our house felt overwhelming. Now we hardly have a day go by without several of Ruby’s friends – or ours – hanging out with us.  It’s great.  My box runneth over (or did, before the kids got into it).  I’m very blessed. I’ve been dealt a winning hand.

inside the box