Nothing Lasts Forever

It rains a lot here.  Now you know.

GetAttachment.aspxYes, that *is* mildew on the iris.  What you can’t see is the 2″ of water sloshing around in the bottom, votive candles bobbing in the contained sea. The top is not watertight, folks.

I guess most people know this already and I’m stating the obvious.  Curious, I did a little research online.  We average just over 64 inches of rain per year.  Compare that to Las Vegas at just over 4 inches.  Yeah.  It adds up.  We start getting flood watches in September and they pretty much continue through May.  The Skokomish River seems to flood at the drop of a hat.  This month – November – we get anywhere between 11-16 inches of rain.

As of today, November 18, we’re at just over 3.5 inches.  Lord help us.

Here, kitty kitty...
Here, kitty kitty…

It’s been a darling November.  I don’t put usually put those two words together in a sentence, but truly, once we get to this 11th month, the sun fizzles out.  It drowns for a season. We don’t see it much except through scattered sunbreaks in January.  Then, back to 40 degrees and raining.

This November, however, has been rather nice.  We’ve had unexpected sunshine. Lot of foggy mornings giving way to sunshine up lighting mackerel skies in the afternoon.  The leaves in downtown held on a little longer, providing a glorious display of color for those passing by.

Today it’s pouring.  As much as I’ve enjoyed the sunshine, this feels right.  It’s predictable.  Toto, it’s not summer anymore!  The silver curtain descends on the town, creating a watery screen.  The endless rain, drumming down on the houses and cars and keeping the birds from singing is what’s supposed to go on.  This season soaks the ground thoroughly for the spring.  We should get some snow in December and January, if the Farmer’s Almanac proves true.  Also right on time.

There’s something comforting about predictable occurrences.  Morning and evening, sunrise and sunset (don’t sing!), which we simply can’t see (due to the impenetrable cloud dome) bring a sense of peace.  Jack’-o-lanterns last only a short season, especially with downpours hitting them.  They aren’t built to last.  Even this rainy season will only be for awhile.  Then suddenly, the sun will shine again, warming us with its golden glow.  After we scrape off the moss and kill the mildew, we will, too.


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