Wisdom Run

Shelton is in a deep freeze.  Nighttime temps plummet into the 20s.  Every morning, we awake to light ice coatings.  The grass, crunchy in its chilly crystalline case, glitters under the brilliant sun.  We turn on the gas fireplace and huddle up.

I had to get out and run in it.

My running mojo has been rather low lately.  But I know me.  I needed the vitamin D.  My mood plummets quickly when the weather is continuously rainy or cloudy.  So despite the frosty air and very sore muscles from yesterday’s clusters in kettlebells, I laced up.

The azure sky made the now-bare trees stand out in bold relief.  My ankles, exposed below my running capris, got goosebumps.  I breathed in the cold air and considered our state of affairs.  I am astounded again at how much of our lives are dictated by our thoughts.  I am learning this even as I teach my children the same thing:  focus on the good things.

We’ve been working through some family issues and thinking ahead to the future.  We’re planning and rehearsing for the Christmas program.  We leave for Thanksgiving in a few days.  It feels a bit overwhelming.  But then I remember God.  He knew all about these hurdles before I was ever born.  He can handle them.  I can ask for wisdom and He will be faithful to supply. If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking – James 1:5.

When I look at life this way, the challenges seem almost…fun.  Like, what will God do next?  How will *this* situation get resolved?  What’s the Lord got up His (enormous) sleeve this time?  I feel this way especially when I can do absolutely nothing.  Because then I am completely dependent on Him to get me through.  I am learning to get excited at this prospect, rather than feeling powerless and all too human.  As I adopt this new attitude, I find out just how ingenious God is.  Sometimes our “deadlines” are ones we’ve imposed on situations; they aren’t God’s.  I can still live and be happy despite crappy circumstances.

It’s an ongoing process.  I have not mastered it yet.  Running helps.  Eating well helps.  Sleeping enough *really* helps.  My family rocks!  I have great friends inside my church and out.  I am a blessed woman.

So as I focused on the blessings, I found I got happy.  The miles got easier as my body and my spirit warmed up. The sun, and the Son brought me joy. I didn’t have all the answers.  I still don’t.  But I know they’re on the way.


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