Tripping on Coffee

mr. coffee

Today, we drive down to Portland.  We leave for Las Vegas in the morning.  No, not to gamble.  We’re meeting family there.  My husband grew up there and his brother and family still live there.  It will be fun to all be together again.

I learned something new today.  Don’t do ALL your laundry and pack on the same day.  Nope.  Don’t do it.  Just don’t.  It takes up your entire day.  Yes, you come home to clean clothes and maybe less laundry.  Or maybe you just do all the laundry you accumulated on your trip the day you get back from said trip.  Where is my maid?!

To totally change the subject, our coffeemaker finally has reached the end.  Oh, we can limp along, making nearly-full pots of coffee.  But put the filter in a little cockeyed, not quite fully centered, and coffee oozes out of the bottom of the machine.  We wake up to a teensy bit of coffee in the carafe and a delicious puddle on our sloping counter.  Awesome!  Amazingly, Jonathon rarely notices the coffee lake.  I end up mopping it up, cursing under my breath.

Sometimes it’s a sludgy goodness, black as coal.  It congeals on the hot plate, making a sort of paste.  Yeah.  It’s fabulous.  My chemistry teacher from high school, Mr. Hutchins, would be so proud!

Today, in between packing, paying bills and cajoling Zac through his assignments, I spent some time giving  Mr. Coffee a vinegar rinse. You load 4 cups of white vinegar into the machine and run it through the “clean” cycle.  Somehow, the machine managed to take 5 cycles to get it all brewed.  Even then, there was still some vinegar residue in the bottom.  I couldn’t see trying to get the last bit out, so I did the next step of regular water in the machine, a full 8 cups worth.  Twice.  Both times, true to form, it leached out onto the counter.  I mopped it all up.  The counter to the left of the machine is exceptionally clean now.

This machine has faithfully brewed us coffee nearly every day for the last 3+ years.  Our water here in Shelton is hard, loaded down with minerals.  We’ve cleaned the machine when the light came on.  We’ve babied it, made excuses for it. At one point, Jonathon even took it apart to check for blockages.  No dice. But over time and with repeated use, things just wear out.  It’s okay to replace them.  It’s okay to be done with something, to move on.

I’m sure there’s a spiritual application here, but I’m too tired to figure it out.  I suppose we could simply give up coffee altogether.

Nah.  Not happening.

Mr. Coffee, you have served us well.  Well done, good and faithful servant!  Catch you later.


2 thoughts on “Tripping on Coffee”

  1. Have a great time in Vegas..Catch Barry for me. And…I am most impressed with your multiple attempts at saving your coffee pot. I usually just chuck ’em and move in. I suppose there is a bad spiritual reference there too but….lol


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