Photo courtesy of amritanshparth.blogspot.com
Photo courtesy of amritanshparth.blogspot.com

I have a poor sense of direction.  In fact, it’s gotten me into trouble more times than I’d care to mention.  Jonathon, on the other hand, is pretty amazing.  He can get us back to wherever we were even if it’s a new place he’s never been to before.  I, on the other hand, get lost in new surroundings, and then get my bearings.  It served me well delivering flowers in Scotts Valley. I learned the area by getting lost.  Repeatedly.

This morning, I went into the clubhouse of our timeshare to use the treadmill. Upon my arrival, I discovered a couple in there already.  The man had just finished on one of the treadmills, which he graciously wiped down and let me use.  He moved to the bicycle, intent on Fox 5 news.

I got situated, headphones plugged in, and pushed the green button.  The treadmill started up.  I usually use the Quickstart mode.  It runs about 60 minutes, should I choose to run that long, and lets me manually adjust the incline and the speed.

Not today, girlie.  I had no data to track by.

The only reading I had were the Lite-Brite dots on the screen, showing me how much I had done of the workout and the huge spike in speed that would come on soon.  When?  No idea, since the timer didn’t work.  No concept of how fast I was going, other than the gauge of my own effort.  I couldn’t even get the incline to move.  Did I mention the entire small space was heavily mirrored, too?  Yeah.  I kept almost walking into the walls, my poor sense of direction multiplied exponentially.

I almost stopped everything and concocted an outside route.  Then I remembered the movie we watched last night – Rio.  Kind of late to the party on this one, as the previews looked lame.  But this scene caught my attention.  Blu and Jewel, two blue macaws are chained together.  Raised in Minnesota through a freak accident, Blu’s owner/best friend brought him to Rio in order to breed with Jewel.  The two birds got captured and managed to escape – together. They need to get across town to see Louie, an unknown entity to them, who will break their chain and set them free.  Neither of them are comfortable.  An outgoing toucan named Pedro encourages them to relax and enjoy.  It’s Rio!  Pink petals flutter down from the sky.  The sun sets in the foreground.  They have no control over where they’re going, but they can make the most of it.

So I did.  I watched the clock on the wall and the percentages mount up on the treadmill’s one working screen.  Ten percent done, twenty percent done, all the way to 50 percent.  I guestimated my mileage and still got a good workout.  I didn’t need the “chain” of the timer or speedometer, though it would have been nice.

In case you were wondering, the two (eventual) lovebirds got released from the chain via dog slobber.  But that’s all I’m telling you. Obviously, taking life advice from animated movies can be haphazard at best.  But in this case, I’m glad I listened.


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