That’s What It’s All About


So, I’ve been getting the feeling it’s never been about sugar, or fat, or salt.  Giving those things up can be helpful.  My waistline thanked me for eating less sugar.

But God didn’t care.I know!  Here I am, willing to lay down the beautiful, tantalizing sugar.  It sparkles so beautifully in the bowl!  Makes everything taste just a bit better.

But God didn’t care.

He has always wanted my heart.  Sugar, like other good things, can get in the way.  If I spend more time lusting after the chocolate than desiring to spend time with Jesus and hear his voice, guess what?  I have a new idol.  What is an idol anyway?

An idol, according to the Free Online Dictionary is “an image used as an object of worship; a false god”, or, my personal favorite “one that is adored, often blindly or excessively.”  Yes.  That’s it, in a peanut M&M shell.

I’m willing to extend this a bit further.  The idols offer good things, at first.  They make us feel good.  Running does it for me.  Chocolate numbs the pain.  Coffee can improve my mood. Coffee + chocolate…well, need I say more?

Let me make this clear:  None of these things are bad in and of themselves.  It’s what we do with them that counts.  Like people who say money is the root of all evil, when money is only a tool.  Money can’t be inherently bad or good.  It simply is.  What we use it for matters.  When we choose it above people or conscience and everything else, it becomes elevated to a place of reverence in our lives.  For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows. – 1 Timothy 6:10

When I turn *to* any one of these things – money, chocolate, running – instead of God first, it becomes an idol to me.  In that moment, I am worshiping a different god.  I am committing idolatry.  Money, chocolate and running exist in this world.  They can each be enjoyed, savored even, but they can’t take God’s place in our lives.  Ever.  They will forever play second fiddle to the love of God burning in our hearts.  Take it from someone who has made running and working out, fitness and weight loss very significant idols in her past.

As the rays of the sun fade away, I am reminded anew of how I need to be vigilant with guarding my heart and letting Jesus be first.

I realize this is not a fun-loving post. But hey – I hit Christianity, coffee and chocolate all in one post!  And please know I am telling myself this at the same time. I know some of you may disagree with me and buck at my strong conviction. Where is God’s grace? you may ask.  This may prove controversial to some.  All I ask is that you consider what I’m saying.  His grace remains, as does his His love.  But He is a jealous God.  He wants all of us.


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