The Babe


Despite a possibly misleading title, this is not about Babe Ruth.  All I know about baseball I learned from “The Natural”, “A League of Their Own” and my single season in softball.  Not that softball and baseball are the same thing.  At all.

Nor is this post about  Babe, a small, sheep-herding pig.  But he is cute.

Babe the pig

This isn’t even about Babe the Blue Ox, Paul Bunyan’s faithful companion and ally in all things work-related.

This Christmas season, I find myself overwhelmed again and again by The Babe, Jesus.  I still find myself puzzling about why God chose to do this.  Why a baby?  And why, of all places, to a stable with an obscure, very inexperienced couple to raise the child?  It seems incredibly ridiculous.  Like maybe God should have gone into scriptwriting for sitcoms or something.

Joseph:  Hey, Mary!  What’s up, girl?

Mary:  Oh, you know…nothing much. Slight hesitation. Except an angel visited me yesterday. I’m gonna have God’s baby! Mary smiles sheepishly.

Joseph:  Say what?  You crazy, Mary! Joseph smiles and shakes his head, disbelieving.

(canned laughter)

The fact that God chose to interrupt the continuum of humanity in order to bring His son here to earth still stumps and humbles me.  You have to admit – it’s great comedic fodder.  Not to be sacrilegious, but so many jokes here. I have no doubt both Mary and Joseph endured quite a few in their lifetime.

We’ve made the tableau beautiful.  The Nativity is worshipful and lovely.  Jesus languishes in the manger, a beatific look on his tiny face.  Mary and Joseph look on, still not sure what to think, with angels hovering nearby and shepherds hanging around.  The wisemen add to the pomp of the scene.  Their expensive gifts laid by the manger glitter in the candlelight.

Instead, all I can do is be exceedingly glad.


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