2013 – Year in Review

Another one bites the dust…


I read through the Bible twice this year.  I did it once in 90 days (whew!) and again in 6 months. Totally doable.  I actually preferred it this way, as it gave a better rise and fall to the narrative.

Jonathon graduated this August with his phD in Education! 

I worked out 292 times.

Running:  I ran 489 miles this year .  That’s nearly 787 kilometers!

Bah.  Not happy with that total.  Especially if you remember last year.  But as I looked back over my calendar, I ran 2 days in January, none in February, and started back  real easy in March.  In point of fact, the most mileage I accumulated in a week was 19 miles.  Looking to change that this year.  I spent most of 2013 injured.  Benched.  Sidelined.  I found myself very discouraged at times. I learned about stretching and not taking my body for granted.  I learned – again – the importance of eating a little better and a little less.  I learned that I still love running, as well as walking.  This ol’ bod is pretty amazing, despite any shortcomings.  It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.  I also got to run in Nevada, Oregon, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Zac grew at least 5 inches! Hence this post.

I joined a writers group!  And what a blessing that was, and still is.  I feel like I found part of my lost “tribe”.  They keep me inspired.  I get to bounce work off them and they give great input.  I get to give input, too.  Several of us contributed toward a Mason County book, published by our local library.  Amazing!  So now I’m published, too, which was one of my 2013 resolutions.

The Mason County shelter project nears completion.  I lived to see it!

This year has been all about trust.  I’m starting to get what it means to lean on God, to trust His timing and direction above my own.  I’m appreciating the value of waiting on Him.  I’m also “minding the checks” more often.  I’ve also gained perspective on being aware of what I’m dwelling on; thoughts become our reality.

Ruby discovered the (numerous) joys of the xBox!

Here are the 2013 blog stats, if you’re interested. You, kind readers, keep me inspired, too.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for reaching out to me.  Happy New Year!  May 2014 be your best year yet!


1 thought on “2013 – Year in Review”

  1. Honey, you truly ARE a Wonder Woman (and I’m not just saying that because I’m your mom)! I am constantly amazed at the range of things you do…and what you think about. I’m so proud and happy to call you my DAUGHTER!!!

    Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 23:34:38 +0000 To: joan_cheston@hotmail.com


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