Ice Princess

Gather round, friends!  Today I rediscovered the key to becoming a faster runner.  Step right up!

You ready?

Here it is:

Run outside when it’s below freezing, preferably with temps in the teens or twenties!  Yes. Your numb rump will spur you on. Your ears will turn blue. Your shirt, trying to ride up and expose your pasty stomach to the freezing air, will also keep you moving.

Somehow, I managed to average sub 9-minute miles.  Gulp!   I planned to make today the long run, which it was.  It ended up at around 5 miles. I tried to take it slow, I really did. I reminded myself to enjoy the spectacular icy scenery, the blue sky peeking between the dark green Douglas firs, the refreshing air.  And the lovely morning inspired me. The crunchy ice-encrusted grass glittered in the sunshine.  I passed a few other regular runners going the opposite direction.  We all wore fleece.  Go figure. Janathon continues.

Here is the last song I listened to, purely at random.  Enjoy!


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