Take 5

This Dave Brubeck tune seemed appropriate, since it’s 5 days into Janathon.  Extra points if you know why the song above  is called Take 5.

Sundays are usually rest days for me.  Occasionally I’ll run on a Sunday if I took Saturday off instead. But today, I walked for a half hour. I grumbled to myself a little about going outside. From what I could see, the day seemed forbidding. I bundled up because it was clear and cold. The sunrise blushed on the horizon.  A few brave birds swirled in the air – sparrows, chickadees, crows and of course, seagulls.  The dreamy landscape painted in muted grays, browns and blues evoked a more delicate beauty.  Shelton creek, undeterred by the freeze, gurgled on its meandering way under the town.  I only saw a couple of people out and about.  Too cold and early to be on the loose, I guess.

Later in the day, when we returned from church, Ruby spotted something.

“Look, Mom!  A deer is in our yard!” Her voice rose in excitement.

I looked out my window.  Actually, there were two does.  One quickly departed up the hillside.  The other did this.

Not our deer, but close.
Not our deer, but close.

The deer just gazed at us, as curious about us as we were about her. We suddenly found ourselves plunged into a bubble of silence, held by her liquid stare.  A breath.  We blinked. Then she turned and followed her companion into the trees.

Happy Sunday!


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