On the eighth day of Janathon,
Our teacher did decree:
Fifty minutes of kettlebells
Will be a workout to make us sweaty.

Okay, crappy Christmas parody of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, but there you go. We alternated between kettlebells exercises switched up with 5 minutes of stationary bikes.  True confession:  I hate bikes.  Even though I adjust the seat height, I never get one that is comfortable. I’m either tilting forward or leaning backward.   No Tour de France for me.  I’m beginning to wonder if my backside is simply misshapen.  I am learning to engage more core muscles because of it.  Not a total loss.

And now, for something totally different…

My dad just told me a story about the two cats he and my mom had when I was very young.  As he stroked our sleek midnight cat, Rex, he related this tale.  Brother cats, (S)noopy and Toughy/Tuffy, moved with them when they came cross-country to Dad’s teaching job in Oregon.  Yes, I realize they sound like rapper names.  Hear me out.  Dad also said they had to give the cats away after they moved.  The kitties simply did not adapt to the new Portland neighborhood. He still feels regret over that.

A few weeks before they moved, a neighbor came over and talked to Mom and Dad.

“Do you have two cats?” she asked.

My parents confirmed this.  Yes, a black cat and a tabby cat, both from the same litter.

“Well, I just saw a tabby cat dragging a black cat out of the road.”  Toughy got hit by a car and Noopy got him out of harm’s way.  Now that’s brotherly love.

Rex, golden eyes droopy with world-weariness, agrees.

Photo by lovemeow.com

Photo by lovemeow.com


One thought on “Octavus

  1. Joan Cheston says:

    There’s more to the story about our first cats. Noopy stayed in the bushes with Tuffy. We might not have found Tuffy, otherwise. Fortunately, we got him to the vet and got him all fixed up, but he could never jump 5 feet up to the dresser, anymore. One time before all this happened, we were in the family room. The living room and kitchen were around the corner from where we were sitting. Suddenly, we heard a sound like scratching.Tuffy had jumped up the room divider ( which was somewhat like an open ladder) straight up about 5 feet! Noopy like to play jai lai in the bathtub with a bottle cap. He would exhaust himself and would have to stop and pant. Jays would dive-bomb the cats as they came up the sidewalk. They were very special to us. When we flew out here Anne came too. She flew first class with one cat (in the cabin) and we flew with the rest of the peons in the other section with the other cat. Carter was 9 months old. When we got to Chicago to change planes, I checked Carter to see if his diaper needed changing. When we looked at the cats. they had both pooped in their carriers! Oh, happy day! When we got off the place in Portland, Anne was drunk. She figured that since drinks were free in first class, she might as well get our money’s worth. I think she said she had 9 drinks! Funny how these things stay with you…

    Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2014 21:52:44 +0000 To: joan_cheston@hotmail.com


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