Welcome Mat

new welcome

Today, I bought a new welcome mat.  We’ve had our old one for at least 7 years.  We rolled it up and brought it here with us when we moved from Portland.  It’s that old. I haven’t washed it except when we hosted Jonathon’s doctoral graduation celebration party.  It looked better, but not brand-new.  Really, how could it, after thousands of footprints and leaves and pine needles and cat barf embedded into it?  Truly, I expected more of it than I should have.  I probably should have replaced it long ago.  But I had memories tied to it.  Besides, I figured it *should* be dirty and worn, considering its role.  The ultimate in shabby chic.  Then I noticed it had started to fray.  That spurred me to action.  You can’t wipe your feet on shredded mat.  It’s like the worst cereal ever.

I tried to download a picture, but there’s a standoff between my phone and my laptop.  Just imagine a grubby, fraying mat with an obscure music history reference to Offenbach on it.  Got it?  Good.

It makes sense in the new year to give life a new welcome.  What does a new welcome entail? We clean out the old junk – clutter, messy thinking, bad attitudes.  We set goals.  We look back and recall what we don’t want to do, cause doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity, right? We form new, productive habits. Now we have a clean(er) slate to work with  So I guess this new mat represents us desiring to host new gatherings.  We want to invite new people over, as well as old favorites.  On a purely cosmetic note, we also plan to repaint our house this summer (God willing) and this mat incorporates well with our color selection.

I want more of Jesus this year.  I need more, frankly.  I want to see Him in more places and love more people.  I surely can’t do that without His welcome in my heart. This old world needs more “welcome”.

Janathon update:  I went to kettlebells class where we did the challenge, which you may remember is  2×300 reps of exercises.  Yippee!  I did not die.  I’m trying to keep moving so my muscles don’t lock up from the squat presses and lunges.  That is all.


One thought on “Welcome Mat

  1. Woah – that’s a great kettlebells class! And you’re right – a worn welcome mat is a good thing in one way, but a new one will make for a foot-wipe that’s less like bad cereal!


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