Meeting Dr. Seuss

I attended the weekly site meeting today.  Learned something new about Knox boxes. My guess is it’s supposed to make me think of Ft. Knox’s impenetrable security, but instead made me think of Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss.

fox in socks

Haven’t read the book?  Check out some highlights…

Sue sews

quick trick stackBut this is the verse that I remembered and completely distracted me as they spent the first 10 minutes of the meeting discussing the dubious merits of Knox boxes, which at this point are recommended but not required.

Knox in box.
Fox in socks.
Knox on fox
in socks in box…

Look, sir.  Look, sir.
Mr. Knox, sir.
Let’s do tricks with bricks and blocks sir.
Let’s do tricks with chicks and clocks sir.

To summarize the book, Mr. Knox simply can’t say all the things the fox says.  His tongue is not “quick or slick”.  He gets, ahem, peeved.

Culminating with


So…good meeting.  I have *no* idea whether they’re installing the Knox box or not.

On day 14 of Janathon, I ran 3 miles in the misty, murky morn.  My legs started out a bit crampy and then relaxed.  Yay!  I could  have gone further but I ran out of time.  I’m going to try to squeeze in 2 more miles today.  Peace!  I’m out.


3 thoughts on “Meeting Dr. Seuss”

  1. Dr Seuss books were some of my favourites as a kid. 🙂
    Love that feeling when you finish a run thinking “coulda gone further”. Not been in that zone for a long time, personally!


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