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The other night, Ruby asked for a song at bedtime.  All my poor, tired brain could come up with was this song.  So I sang the chorus to her.  Bad mommy!

I can’t believe I only have 15 more days left of Janathon!  Well, okay.  Yes, I can.  This month has crawled along with glacier-like speed. It’s *still* January.  More about that in another post.  Today I ran 4 miles.  I varied it and parked at the gym but ran outside.  My car was there but I wasn’t.  I found a loop and some out-and-backs to mix it up.  I’m learning to be okay with my hips getting cranky. The condition is temporary.  I won’t be sidelined.  I have the ability.  It’s alright to stop and retie my shoe, thereby easing it for a minute.  I can keep running more easily outside than on the treadmill, where each footfall is much like the last.  The topography changes outdoors – hills, valleys, gravel, asphalt, concrete.  And the scenery is decent.  I even saw a woodpecker today, searching out a snack in the ancient bark of a cedar tree.

It took awhile to find my rhythm.  I’ve been in a long season of wondering if my “bluebird of running happiness” would ever return for more than a touching-down sort of visit.  You know you’ve found it when you discover you’re grinning and gliding.  Nothing like it.

And so it is with other areas of life.  Just when you despair of things ever getting better, God steps in. Suddenly, you’re not flapping anymore, desperately trying to stay aloft.  The wind of his Spirit lifts you up and you soar.  Zac is beginning to excel in school and discovering subjects he never knew interested him, thanks in part to his new computer.  Tools, tenacity and timing create a winning combination.