The Danger of Stagnation

I ran 3 miles today.  Yay for Janathon!  It’s an other cold, damp yet rainless day.  Gray skies abound.  The temperature hovers in the high 30s. In fact, my phone continues to warn me of air stagnation.  No rain in the forecast until possibly this weekend.  It’s very odd.  I don’t have any respiratory problems, so running outside, even when the air is preternaturally still, doesn’t bother me physically.

The meteorologists say we have an air inversion going on.  You’ll find warmer temps near the mountains and colder near sea level.  A high pressure system sits atop a layer of cold air, which is why we’re experiencing chilly weather.  Well, that and it *is* January.  No foliage stirs.  The rare gust of wind or breeze surprises me.  Seems as if the earth is waiting for something to happen, holding its breath.  Wikipedia says:

Air stagnation is a phenomenon which occurs when an air mass remains over an area for an extended period. Due to light winds and lack of precipitation, pollutants cannot be cleared from the air, either gaseous (like ozone) or particulate (like soot or dust). Subsidence produced directly under the subtropical ridge can lead to a build up of particulates in urban areas under the ridge, leading to widespread haze.

A bit eerie. I would say there’s a natural disaster in the offing, like an earthquake or tsunami. But the birds remain.  Whew!

I am battling a bad attitude today.  My thoughts feel a bit hazy.  It’s like a layer of grumpiness sits atop my more optimistic self.  Running helped dispel it to some degree.  I’m taking a little time alone today. I don’t want my lack of “joie de vivre” to contaminate those I love.  Nor do I want to poison the atmosphere.  Jonathon, superstar husband, offered to keep laundry humming, the kids fed and on task.  I need to drive away this heavy spirit threatening to squelch my joy.

Maybe I’m waiting for something to happen, too.  I need to turn my thoughts to gratitude and joy, thanking God for my many blessings. I need to ventilate my heart.


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