Four Weeks

This is the 28th day of Janathon, the four-week mark.  Yay!

I ran 6 miles today.  I eked out 2 miles before I drove Ruby to school.  After I parked the car, I stretched out my hips, took one last drink of water and headed back out.  The weather?  Gray and drizzly off and on.

What do you listen to when you’re out trudging along  in the misty gray?  Glad you asked.  These came up in no particular order:

Thousand Foot Krutch  “Unbelievable”
Out of the Grey “No Leaving”
Thousand Foot Krutch “Absolute”
Mary Mary “God in Me”
Thousand Foot Krutch “The End is Where We Begin”
Kirk Franklin “Imagine Me”
Audio Adrenaline “Big House”
Thousand Foot Krutch “My Home”
The Choir “Hey Gene”
Take 6 “I’ve Got Life”
Thousand Foot Krutch “War of Change”
Grammatrain “Pain”
Beatles “Can’t Buy Me Love”
Thousand Foot Krutch “Let the Sparks Fly”
Harry Connick Jr. “The Lonely Goatherd”
Toby Mac “One World”
Thousand Foot Krutch “Supafly”

These comprise all I can recall.  You might notice quite a few Thousand Foot Krutch songs.  Blame Zac.  He got me hooked. They’re a metal Christian band.  Cycling through songs randomly left out quite a few of my favorite artists, though. No Plumb, Israel Houghton, or even Vince Guaraldi.

Frankly, I enjoy having mellow songs on my mp3 player.  But I rarely listen to them unless I’m in a good groove with running.  I usually favor upbeat, raucous songs. I need the “oomph” factor.  And no, very little classical music.  I have no Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff or even Bach on there.  I do have a couple of Orff pieces, but those are intense.

Here’s a freebie, this one influenced by Ruby.  Why the dog face?  Your guess is as good as mine. Happy Tuesday!


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