Why Not You?

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It felt very strange not to blog yesterday after 32 straight days.  I thought you might like a little break. Break’s over now!

Ruby and I spent our time  outside yesterday afternoon while the game played on.  She created a sort of bike Olympics.  I walked and she rode all over, making loops and taking hills like a Tasmanian devil.

I will confess I watched the last quarter of the Superbowl.  Curiosity about the state of the game and the fabulous commercials, a fierce competition in itself, lured me.  You know how I feel about football.  Living as we do in Seattle’s backyard, Seahawk fandom reached fever pitch. Did you know Seattle hadn’t won a national title since 1978-1979 with their now-defunct basketball team, the Seattle Supersonics? Blue and green dominated the wardrobe landscape at church yesterday, and pretty much everywhere I went after that.  Once the game started, the roads emptied.  Stores served a dribble of  customers.  Everyone camped around the TV, gnoshing chips and dip and cheering their hearts out for the Hawks.

After the game, I watched one interview with Russell Wilson.  I only got acquainted with him yesterday morning at church.  A picture of him flashed on the screen.  He attended a large church in Seattle and the pastor, a friend of our pastor, posted a picture with him.  Mr. Wilson is the team’s quarterback and a Christian.

Ruby saw him and said, “That’s Russell Wilson!”

I looked at her, astonished. They indoctrinate ’em young round these parts.

The interview intrigued me.  Russell said something I don’t think I’ll ever forget.  I’ll paraphrase.

“When I was growing up, my dad used to say to me, ‘Why not you, Russ?’  His point of view turned it around.  I learned to believe in myself.  He made me believe I could do anything, use the gifts God gave me and succeed.  So I said to the team earlier this season, ‘Why not us at the Superbowl?’  And we prepared and we worked and here we are.  What a great team, what amazing fans, and what a great blessing from God.”

And so I say today, Why not you?  What keeps you from believing in yourself and the gifts inside you?  You have something to offer.  I’m talking to myself now, too.  Get it out.  Stop sitting on it.  Polish it.  Practice.  Put it out there.  We need you in the game.  We’ll be your 12th man.


2 thoughts on “Why Not You?”

  1. Interesting thing, I usually only watch the game (I confess) for the commercials. This time I can’t tell you ONE commercial, I was so invested emotionally into the game. Why the total fever over this? I tell you, I think it is because it is SOMETHING, ONE ISSUE that a very diverse State can come together on to celebrate our “oneness” . It has nothing to do with football so much as it has to do with unity in a world where our differeces are torn apart by one group or another.


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