Frosty February

All clear now?
All clear now?

After Tuesday’s abysmal run on the treadmill, I needed to take action.  I managed to eke out 6 miles by sheer will power.  My hips locked up over and over.  I stretched  – a lot .  My fabulous chiropractor, sympathetic to the cause, sent me an email link to a special exercise. I ignored it for weeks, thinking I had it under control.  Alas, no.  I tried that, too.  Because what I realized is that I had it in the tank, the stamina to go longer.  The message simply never reached my legs.

It was 20 degrees outside when I got up this morning.  It was still 20 degrees when I ran. It seems as if our weather here is trying to mimic the polar vortex gripping the other side of the nation.  I did a quick 3 miles around the neighborhood after breakfast, rounded Ruby up for school (Put the hoodie down and wear the heavy coat. Got your money for the Sock Hop?  Hat?) and ran 4 more.  I stretched well in between the two sets and got another sip of water before hitting the deep freeze again.

The cold took my breath away.

Here, ala thedancingrunner, were my thoughts:

I could just run 3 miles and call it a day.  Nobody would blame me.

Nah.  You have to press through if you want to race again.  Hey, why not you?

I am literally the only pedestrian out here.  Now I know why.

At least I’m not tired.  Too cold to stop.  Gotta crest this hill.

My torso is frozen, even though my shirt is tucked in and I’m wearing a fleece coat.  Brr!  I can’t feel my stomach.  Kind of a good thing.  Is this the beginnings of frostbite?

I’m barely sweating.  Am I off the pace?

Finally my legs are warm, now that I’m in mile 5.

The man wearing the long-sleeved shirt, red puffy down vest and aqua shorts (!) somehow neglected socks with sandals.

Hmm.  The drive-thru car wash is closed.  Guess nobody wants instant icicles forming on their clean car.

Whoa!  Another dog barking at me from inside a moving car?!  Am I that threatening?

Welcome to Shelton, Antarctica.  No need for a refrigerator, folks.

Do I *have* to food shop after this? Where’s the maid?

Somehow, I ended up with negative splits on the second half of the four-mile portion.  It’s pretty much all downhill and with the wind blowing straight off the Olympics, I had a tailwind besides.  Sometimes good things come in frosty packages.  Like ice cream.


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