Lull in the Storm

Photo by outdoor-photos.com
Photo by outdoor-photos.com

I felt lousy yesterday. No blog. No run.  No nothing.  My back and hips were cranky, my energy low. I did the basic chores – figuring out and setting dinner to cook in the slow cooker, paying bills, getting Ruby off to while going 12 rounds with her – and then read my book.  After a dry morning, it rained and rained and rained, confirming my resolve to stay inside and rest.  More than an inch of rain fell yesterday.  I got pretty discouraged about, well, everything.

Today is a new day.

Looking out the window this morning, it’s a different world.  The wind blows.  Dark puffy clouds scud across the sky as if in a fire drill.  No rain waters the earth.  No birds doing their cheep show today – yet. Sleeping in, I guess. The air is sweet and clean, put out fresh for the dawn’s new line.  I step outside to take out the trash.  The air feels like spring.  Blue sky peeks at me behind the fast-moving scrim of gray-white clouds.  The sun breaks out, shedding golden light on all it touches.

More rain will come.  In fact, it’s in the forecast every day this week.  But no matter.  I am ready for today. I’ve got kettlebells class to look forward to. I detest enforced rest.  But if it helps me prepare for the next day, and I come back full of energy and expectation, I’ll take it.

…Weeping may last through the night,
    but joy comes with the morning. – Psalm 30:5


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