Dreaming Big

Photo courtesy of scienceofrelationships.com

Photo courtesy of scienceofrelationships.com

This morning dawned bright and clear.  Rain, rain, stay away.  Seeing the sun rise cheered us all up.

Especially Rex.  He hates to get wet.  He will gaze, perplexed, at the wet stuff falling from the sky.  He’ll  roll around on the cement floor of the carport and head back inside.  That comprises the total of his outdoor exercise on rainy days.  His “mrow!” of protest carries a note of surprise as well as annoyance.  “Rain?  Again?  How dare it!” He’ll hurumph into the house and pout, his back to us.  Somehow, it’s all our fault.

Today, after I returned from kettlebells class, Rex dashed inside. He prowled the house restlessly.  Finally, he peeked out the back door window.  Pointed ears displayed his interest in some prey outdoors.  Assuming it was some kind of bird or squirrel, I let him out.

I went about my business, tidying up the kitchen and switching the laundry.

After a minute, Rex wanted to come back inside.  Typical, I sniffed.  He has mastered the art of in and out, all day long. We bow to his commands.  Golden eyes demand to be let in.  Yes, sir. Impatient meows demand to be let out. Yes, right away! The king must be appeased.

As I put dishes away, something caught my eye:  a deer outside the window.

Ruby and I went outside to get a closer look .  Ruby is home sick today, but  getting better.  I picked her up and held her.  We walked to the middle of the driveway.

“See?” I asked her, pointing.  “Through the trees there.”

Facing away from us, the deer lifted her head up. She chewed some grass.

“I see it!” Ruby exclaimed.

We stood still in momentary wonder, again, at how close we truly are to the wild.

Suddenly, I realized  Rex had wanted the deer.  He went outside to nab it and bring it down. However, he gave up pretty quickly.  He realized that perhaps the deer was a teensy bit too big for him to catch and kill.  But I love his spirit.  This is the “man-cat” that catches rats, mice, birds and squirrels.  Not to mention lizards.

I want to go after the big ones, too.  The biggest dreams carry the best rewards.  I want to run several races this year, the longest being a half marathon.  I want to e-publish.  I want to pay off some of our smaller debts.  There are many others involving my family and friends.

How about you?


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