Lessons from a Short, Slow Season

Ruby is still home sick.  Her fever spiked yesterday afternoon and she acquired a nasty cough.  She’s holding up well.  However, I’m getting a little stir crazy.  But I have learned a few things…

If someone gives you an Easy Bake Oven, make sure it comes *with* the miniscule pans.  You can’t cook without them.  You’ll never know if 2 tablespoons of chocolate chips turn out a dozen dime-sized cookies.

Cough medicine sometimes hurts your foot.

Socks cut friction when you when you slide across the linoleum.

Follow the yellow brick road.

You can make dandy cat puppets out of scotch tape and old Christmas napkins.

Chicken soup with rice is the bomb!

Snowdrops and crocuses make February bearable.

Let sleeping cats snore.

Orange chicken from the supermarket can be…pungent.  Douse liberally with another sauce to aid ingestion.

Salsa stains carpet.

When your mom comes for a visit loaded down with 3 different types of cookies, you stand very little chance of staying sugar free. Not like Valentine’s week  Day did you in or anything.

I’m sure there are lots more.  After all this introspection, I need a nap.


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