Break a Leg

Ten days ago, Jonathon and I went on a Valentine’s Day date.  We spiffed up and went to dinner at a nice restaurant overlooking the water.  The food was excellent, the company divine.  The sun set behind the hills. The ocean turned from blue to gray to black, birds swirling in winged clouds above it.  I found the view mesmerizing, the changing light in the sky transforming the landscape minute by minute.

For the next part of the date, my romantic husband surprised me with tickets to a play.  We went to view a local production of “Educating Rita”.  This came out as a movie a couple of decades back, I believe.  Jonathon and I are great fans of live theater, having directed and participated in some ourselves.  There’s nothing like the energy of a live audience.  And with live performances, anything can happen – and usually does.

We sat in a very small theater, seats lining 3 sides.  We quickly discovered we were some of the youngest people there.  Most of the audience had gray or white hair and glasses.  Some had walkers.  We felt privileged to be in such company.  Must be something worthy going on here, we thought.  We found seats together, towards the back.  We settled in and the lights dimmed.

After more than hour into the two-person production, the lights came up for intermission.  We milled around the small lobby, munched some snacks and took care of nature’s call.  Everyone stood as long as possible.  Legs can get cramped sitting so long.

We climbed back to our seats.  The older man sitting in front of us addressed us.  He was still standing.  He wore slacks and a button-up shirt under a brown sweater.

“My wife and I were admiring your dress,” he said, indicating my black dress with a sparkly texture to it.  I made an effort to look nice, being it was Valentine’s Day and all.

“We both think it reminds us of curtains,” he said, indicating the pleating in the stretchy fabric.  I looked down with new eyes at one of my favorite dresses.  I had never thought of that before.  It did sort of look like cloth Venetian blinds.

I tried not to laugh out loud.  Was this supposed to be a compliment? Hey…

“Well, I was going for that ‘Gone With the Wind’ vibe…You know, we now have no curtains in our living room, thanks to me,” I quipped.

We all laughed.  And nobody died.  The lights flickered, then dimmed.  On with the show!

Carol Burnett did it better.


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