Lessons from Adventure Time

There’s a trippy show on the Cartoon Network called “Adventure Time.”  Zac turned us onto it awhile ago.  Now, we’re all hooked.  I think what I like most about it is I never know what’s going to happen.  Filled with bizarre creatures with the capability of human speech, they all have unique personalities.  The storylines end without tying up loose ends, leaving room for another episode in the future.  Sometimes.

The stories concern themselves mostly with Finn and Jake, heroes who rescue the hurting and oppressed.  They live in a treehouse.  Finn, somewhere around 13 years old, is a knight and Jake is his faithful dog and best friend.  Oh, and BMO is their videocassette player, game console, strobe light, you name it.

But the songs, the songs got me.

Song doubles as a warning here.

Song to remember who Ice King used to be, before the destruction of the world.

A rap song to get the passive, depressed demons in hell to wake up and rebel.  Okay, better in context probably.

The characters – Finn, Jake, Marceline, Vampire Queen, and Princess Bubblegum – are good friends, despite being different sexes and species.  I love the way they struggle to define those friendships.

Along the way, they confront competition and jealousy, unrequited love, deep fears, The Ice King and several varieties of princesses in distress.  They learn compassion. They discover it’s cool being yourself.  Heroes sometimes fail.  Some of our fiercest enemies are simply misplaced, troubled souls.  And bubbles have homes, too.

This show makes me smile.  I realize that anything can happen. Having the passion to help others makes you heroic.  I can conquer any foe with my trusty (grass) sword.  My best friend can date a Rainicorn. It’s okay if the episodes of my life don’t tie up in neat bows, though I certainly want it that way.

It’s definitely escapist.  And bizarre.  And wonderful.

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