Kill the Butterflies


Again? Seriously?!

Anyone remember those tests of the emergency broadcast systems that ran on TV, inevitably interrupting your favorite show? See below.

The wind blows outside, shoving the trees and bushes like an invisible, relentless bully.  The sun peeks out between the streaking clouds.  The blue sky glows.   Gray cloud continents amass overhead. Then, an aggressive rain falls.  The system starts all over.  Feels like anything could happen, even the arrival of a locust horde.

This transition to spring is rather rough.  The day can start out drizzly and end up dazzling.  The poor weatherfolks can’t keep up.  “Hey Irv, how do I draw an ‘all of the above’ icon for the 10-day outlook graphic?”

Maybe I should stay inside. Nature is a cruel mistress.

Our life transitions don’t come easy, either.  Zac to homeschooling, Ruby to PiPs, Jonathon to post-doctoral life, me to finishing up the shelter project.  It can take awhile to get used to a new setting.   Sometimes we don’t know times were great until they’re almost over, or gone already.  Hellos and goodbyes make up much of life. Hence the “those were the good old days” stories.

Zac just told me when a butterfly flaps its wings, it creates a tornado on the other side of the earth.  So, we should kill all the butterflies. I say right away, as a safety precaution. But meteorologists first, especially ones who send out fake warnings.


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