Just a Little More…

I apologize if I’ve posted this song before, but nothing else seemed to quite fit the bill.

This song pretty much sums up my morning.  I thought I was doing okay.  Then I hurt a little girl’s feelings.  We had a misunderstanding about adult supervision.  Ruby and I squabbled over acceptable snacks. Sent her to her room to cool off. Spiral, spiral, spiral…

Pray.  Talk.  Pray some more.  Explain to an 8-year-old the practical application of empathy and the Golden Rule. Endure brown-eyed scorn.  Take a deep breath.  Apologize for your part.  Apologize to the little friend.  Finally, allow free play and rustle up snacks as a peace-offering. Incidentally, humble pie tastes terrible.

Sometimes, when you’ve been a Christian a long time you can get complacent.  This “life” business, the river of everyday tasks, flows by without incident.  No swells, no droughts. After so long, you think nothing of it.  You float along, oblivious.  You forget to be dependent, that at any moment your bad attitude could cause you to bob askew. A single rogue word could suddenly wash into your canoe and capsize it.  Offended, you spout things you wish you could shove back into your mouth and swallow whole. Desperate now, you grasp your paddles with all your might and row for shore:  straight to Jesus.  He’s the one who calms the storm and says, “Take my yoke upon your shoulders and lean on Me.  My yoke is easy and my burden is light.  I am meek and humble.  Your soul can rest in Me.”

Is it nap time yet?


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