Lessons Learned


When I worked at IDC and we’d completed a project, we had a little postmortem.  Sounds gruesome, but hear me out.  We’d get together as a design team and talk about “lessons learned”.  How to handle a client.  How to communicate better.  How to not blame P.A.s for everything.  Stuff like that.

Today marks the first day back to school for the kids.  You might think no schooling happened during this sunny, glorious spring break.  You’d be wrong.  Here are a few things I learned.

1)  Lizards named M.J. (Michael Jackson) do just fine living in a brightly colored box as long as there are holes in the lid.

2)  Though it’s April, clear nights in Shelton still reach the freezing point.  Hence the cozy box for the lizard.

3) You can get a new job just by not leaving your old one.  I’m now the CDBG compliance coordinator for the city *and* the shelter.  Life has flux.

4) Leaving your cars unlocked, sitting in your driveway in a semi-rural community, can make you a target for “car prowls”.   Jonathon’s phone disappeared from our car Saturday night. Thank God for generous brothers who have old phones hanging around.

5) You can make new friends – even as an adult – hanging out in the park.

6) Smart boys do make it to church under their own steam on an early Sunday morning.

7) Funerals should have bright, colorful flowers to match the vibrant personality of the deceased.

8) Watching the golden disk of the sun slip into the ocean’s depths is a beautiful, romantic date. Driving on the beach, however, still makes me cringe.

9) Big brown spiders lurking in the sink flush easily.

10)  To have a house full of family and friends is a great blessing.

What about you?  What did you learn last week?


1 thought on “Lessons Learned”

  1. My boys can fight for several minutes over whether teal is a hue or a tint.

    If you pound something on the kitchen 7 or 8 times, you might actually break it. Who knew?

    Somebody decided to make making thing a thing. Let’s not make it a thing.

    A customer didn’t recognize me from behind because I was wearing shorts. I’m not sure if they were amazed by my sexy legs or were shocked into silence by the whiteness.

    Some people were born completely without the capacity to perceive sarcasm.

    Smoking an e-cigarette makes you look like you’re a sucking on a spark plug, only dumber.

    McDonalds stops serving their yucky breakfast sandwiches before 11 on Saturdays.


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