Easter Garb

sproutPhoto courtesy of http://www.bubblews.com

I ran 5 miles outside this morning.  The acid-green spring leaves beckoned.  The sunshine smiled from the sky.  The warm breeze rippled through the flowering cherry trees.

Today was the first run in I don’t know how long that felt like autopilot.  Right foot, left foot, breathe. Nothing hurt.  I felt like I could go for days.  I did earn some sideaches in the last mile, but I stretched, drank water and pushed on.

What did you do differently today, Susan?  I know you’re wondering.  Today I didn’t let negative thoughts about my performance or fear of failure hold me back.  I truly needed to get out of my head.  Runners will understand what I mean.  This week is packed with activities: baking, meetings, shopping, family gatherings, rehearsals, you name it, most in the name of Easter coming up on Sunday. I hail from the detail-oriented tribe.  I can get bogged down in it all and not breathe in the miracle of this holy season.

I didn’t want to do that.

Rhododendrons with their dark pink centers greeted me.  Tulips and hyacinths waved, happy to see me.  This old earth is putting on her best and brightest as spring unfolds.  How can I do any less at the prospect of new life in Christ?  Let me cast off the old, unforgiving attitudes.  They only bring death. I lay aside the pain of yesterday’s foolish choices. I pick up the garment of praise and shrug out of the garment of heaviness.  I put on joy and gratitude.  I choose to wear the best and brightest of God’s raiment:  love.

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! – 2 Corinthians 5:17



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