Suddenly Jesus

It’s a lovely day.  The sun shines outside and a cool breeze blows.  Spring has fully sprung here.  I even see dogwoods starting to blossom.

I’ve been thinking about Jesus today.  No surprise, I suppose.  It’s Good Friday again, commemorating the day Jesus experienced betrayal, trial, crucifixion and death. Despite  loads of Old Testament prophecy about his coming, the Jews still found themselves flummoxed when the Messiah showed up.  Suddenly… Jesus, you’re up!

That’s how spring feels.  It’s winter, 40 degrees and rainrainrainrainrain.  Forever and ever, world without end.  Then, pop!  A daffodil flowers.  Then another.  Quickly now, you can’t hold back the tulips or cherry blossoms, try as you might.  It’s out of control!  Crazy new growth appears everywhere you look. Spring takes over.  Hanging flowers waft their scent down to everyone within reach. Sure, the rain continues to fall but the flowers rush on, an unstoppable, beautiful army of color and life.  The earth rejuvenates itself, rouses itself from its cold and lifeless slumber, and wreathes itself in greenery.

This is how I’ve been thinking about the incredible gift Jesus gave us.   It’s the ultimate Inequitable Exchange, an instant trade.  His life for ours.  His sinless, perfect heart for our sinful stained one.  His blameless existence for our wayward lifestyle.  He took lashes so we could have healing in our bodies. Doesn’t seem fair.  But maybe that’s exactly how it should be.  God’s infinite love for humanity marched on and on, through misunderstandings, disobedience, pain, suffering, and the construct of time. He would not relent.  We couldn’t fix our “helpless estate”, so the lover of our souls stepped in. His plan – a perpetual springtime of spirit for those who answer His call of salvation – fills me with wonder. We receive it day by day, walking with Him hand in hand. The rain of circumstances continue to fall. He beautifies our life with his loving forgiveness and grace. Out of God’s continual care, we flower and grow. I can’t stop thanking God for this.  I hope I never do.



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