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Easter was great. Great sermons, wonderful songs. Thankfully, God breathed on it all. I think it’s safe to say, however, that I have a case of Easter aftereffects.   We just spent a lot of time at the church last week, rehearsing and such. Like 3-hour rehearsals.  We were a merry band of singers and instrumentalists. Lots of singing.  Some flute playing (me),  keyboard and accordion by Jonathon. ( Note:  I did not play flute with the accordion.  It could’ve gotten ugly.) We feel a day late and a dollar short.  Or in my case, simply short.

I’m actively avoiding TMI moments.  I managed a short kettlebell workout. So far, I’ll I’ve been tasked to do is listen and do laundry.  Can do, sir.  Got it covered.  I can even fold the clean clothes.  Just don’t ask me to think too much.  I’m heavily caffeinated and still functioning on “low”.  No quadratic equations today, please.

Have no fear, folks.  I’ll be back to full strength tomorrow.  You’ve been warned.