Drizzly Adams

Almost, but not quite.

Almost, but not quite.  Just add rain.

I ran 6 miles in the rain this morning.  But the rain proved indecisive.  It stopped and started.  It hesitated.  It seemed to drip in a discriminatory manner, wetting some and avoiding others.

I saw very few pedestrians on my loop this morning. Some kids advertised a car wash.  A car wash?!  Optimistic, that. The drizzle increased. I smiled as I passed one slender blonde girl holding a sign.  She smiled back.  She kept her hood up, sleeves down.  See?  Hoodies *are* practical, not just blankets with sleeves.   Flip flops are so Thursday, when it was 85 degrees.

My spirit needed the long run.  My body, beat up plenty from yesterday’s monthly kettlebell challenge, protested.  “Boss, your glutes hurt!  And your back, shoulders, neck, calves…really, everything except your pinkies.  Is this wise?”  I told my body to shut it.

I ran past the field where they play frisbee golf.  The asphalt path wound through fields where deer sometimes graze.  I found a good pace and held on for the ride.

I won’t lie.  I did walk a bit.  Cranky muscles make for slow going. I didn’t quit. I’m learning.  I enjoyed the scenery.  Everywhere, the grass grows like a lush velvet green carpet, a feast for the eyes.  I planned my route to pass all the lilac trees and a few of the dogwoods in town. Shelton comes alive with blooming things in the spring and summer.  Simply lovely.

I found myself grateful again today.  I have good kids.  I am married to a good man. My friends keep me sane.   All this rain that falls from November through May and sometimes even June makes an inviting place to live. I lack nothing except height.  I plan to rectify that in heaven, along with having a curtain of straight blonde or red hair that ripples and shines like liquid gold…Ahem. I digress.

But for now, it’s enough.  Thank you, Lord.  How could I ask for more?


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